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We Help You Build a Fast, Reliable Network From Scratch

The Challenge

As a Network Operator or MSO looking to construct a brand new telecommunications network at your agency, municipality, building, or complex, you often struggle to find one provider who offers all of the services you need to get your fiber network up and running, everything from construction to customer turn up.

At Triwire, we are a one stop, turn key fiber construction service.

We have the right technicians and resources to handle all of the work necessary to build you a fast, reliable fiber optic network from scratch, including aerial and underground construction, and CAD design. We are one of the few fiber construction providers that can support construction and fulfillment with inhouse resources. And with locations all over the U.S., we can get our techs to your work site to begin construction ASAP, no matter where you’re located.

TriWire’s expert technicians have provided government agencies and broadband providers like you with quality broadband, cable and telecommunications services throughout North America for over 20 years.


installations, maintenance or other service events per week with consistently high customer satisfaction.


response to all of our customers. This has made us North America’s go-to telecommunications service provider.

Services We provide

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Underground Cable Construction & Installation

Underground cable construction ensures cables are out of sight and much less likely to be damaged over time. Our highly-trained technicians pull the cables into a conduit that is buried deep enough underground to ensure it is not dug up or susceptible to freezing. This can be challenging in a densely populated area. However, we have the experience and safety protocols in place to construct your network quickly and effectively in even the busiest, most complex environments.

Aerial Cable Construction & Installation

Our expert technicians place your fiber optic cables above ground on poles or towers, which eliminates the need for digging and is particularly useful when the ground is uneven, rocky or more challenging to dig in. If available, we install your cables on the same poles that hold the power transmission lines. This makes aerial construction a speedy and cost-efficient option for your fiber optic network.

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