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The challenge

Procurement Managers, IT Directors, Business Development Directors, and construction professionals like you seeking Wifi/IT services often have challenges with the cost of these services, especially if they’re located in an area that does not have dedicated companies who focus on low-voltage, network, and data center wiring. Electricians can offer these services, however, they typically charge an hourly rate, which can quickly become very expensive.

At TriWire, our expert technicians offer the highest quality wifi, IT, and infrastructure services at a highly-affordable price-per-drop model, with all materials included.



We are



What does this mean?

This means we have the tools, experience, and skill set to meet all of your wifi, IT, and infrastructure needs. And with locations all over the U.S., we can get our techs to your work site and begin working ASAP, no matter where you’re located.

TriWire has provided fiber and communications companies like yours with the highest quality wifi, IT, and infrastructure services for their broadband, cable and telecommunications networks throughout North America for over 20 years.


installations, maintenance or other service events per week with consistently high customer satisfaction.


response to all of our customers. This has made us North America’s go-to telecommunications service provider.

This has made us North America’s go-to fiber optic project management provider.

companies we work with

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